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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ardleigh Minerals Inc a waste disposal facility?
No, Ardleigh Minerals does not accept any materials for the sole purpose of disposal, landfill or incineration.  All materials are recycled or utilized as raw material substitutes in their entirety.

How will I know my material is recycled?
Once the material is fully recycled or utilized as a substitute, Ardleigh Minerals provides a Certificate of Recycling verifying that the material has been fully recycled.

Does Ardleigh Minerals accept shipments of various commodities at one time?
Yes, each commodity needs to be packaged separately; however, many different commodities may be commingled on one truck, at the same time. 

Do I need to arrange my own transportation?
No, Ardleigh Minerals can arrange the transportation and provide all the necessary paperwork including detailed shipment information and Bills-of-Lading. 

What is the minimum quantity to be recycled?
Ardleigh has no minimum quantity.

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