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Shipment Information

The process for handling and reporting of the material is as follows:


Prior to each shipment, you will just need to give us a fax, email, or phone call, indicating:

      What materials will be included in the shipment;
      Packaging, volume, and at least an estimated weight per line item

Transportation arrangements can be made by Ardleigh Minerals. Ardleigh will provide shipment information details including the delivery destination. If you wish to arrange transportation, we do request at least a 48-hour notice prior to each shipment.

Container Labeling

Ardleigh will indicate the nomenclature for each material stream, and send you labels for each container prior to shipping the material.

Certificates of Recycling

For each line item, a Certificate of Recycling will be issued when the material is fully recycled.
See a sample Certificate of Recycling.

Cost Recovery

Specifically, for thermal spray powder and dust collector fines, the cost recovery depends upon the volume of the material, the components in the material, and the levels of the components in the metal. For example, a material that has 50% nickel content is worth far more than a material that contains 5% nickel.

Once the materials have been analyzed, a Settlement Report is issued. The settlement report indicates the amount to be paid for each line item, and will be forwarded to you for your agreement.


Shipment Form Example

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